We have been busy beautifying the garden

We have been busy beautifying the garden

We know that our garden is one of our best features and that many of you travel for miles on a hot day just to unwind in it. So, since summer is on the way we thought we should spend the week giving it a bit of TLC to make it is better than ever.

Garden Landscaping 

We have had the incredibly skilled team at Bradbury Designs working almost around the clock, digging, planting and pruning to make sure our garden is looking its absolute best for you to come and enjoy.

New furniture

Of course, we know it’s all very well and good a garden being pretty, but the furniture can make or break a pub garden. That’s why we tested just about every bistro set and picnic table out there before we found, what we think, is just about the comfiest, and sturdiest, new garden furniture in the world. So, there is no need to worry about a wobbly table causing you to spill gravy all over the place.


To keep our carpark in tiptop condition we’ve had a literal tonne of new gravel delivered. Which we have been tirelessly racking down, like monks in a zen garden. So don’t fret about any potholes or puddles stopping you parking in that last remaining space.

Here comes the sun!