The Maytime World Cup Pairing Suggestions

The Maytime World Cup Pairing Suggestions

The time has arrived, it’s been four years since England’s tragic display in the group stages of the Brazil World Cup. Will this year be exactly the same, only with the backdrop being replaced from the electric atmosphere of those South American city stadiums to the likes of Moscow (which has been voted the world’s unfriendliest city)?

Of course watching football begs the question — just what is the best thing to eat and drink while watching a match? While tradition might stipulate the best combo is a cheap continental lager and a bag of peanuts, we think you can do much better than that! We’ve come up with the perfect Maytime pairing for each of England’s first three fixtures, for you to enjoy while the game is on (even if you’re not enjoying the results of the game itself).

Tunisia Vs England — a bottle of English Fizz and a Couscous Harissa Salad

We kick of our bid for World Cup glory, or at least for a slightly less embarrassing loss, on Monday the 18th at 7pm, this year playing against Tunisia. As it’s our first match of the World Cup we think you should celebrate (as it could be our only time to) with a bottle of our English New Hall Classical Brut. It’s packed full of elderflower and apple aromas that make you think of Blighty. And to eat? Pay homage to our North African opposition with our couscous salad, complete with seasonal vegetables and harissa dressing.

England Vs Panama  — A Roast and a Chilli dessert

Match time for England vs Panama is 1pm on Sunday the 24th, so it’s the perfect time to grab one of our famous roasts, before or afterwards. And there’s nothing more English than a hunk of Cotswold beef loin with a Yorkshire pudding.

While Panama might be known for their hats it isn’t a country exactly internationally famous for its food, or it’s drinks. But, we think that our chilli and chocolate pot with home made orange shortbread sums of the flavours of Central America pretty well, so is the perfect choice for pudding after the roast!

England Vs Belgium — Beer ’n’ Frite

The big one, the two favourites to win from group G. Starting at 7pm on Thursday the 28th of June. Thursday is supposed to be the new Friday, right? So, we think its prime time to sample our new on draught, Bobby’s Beer. A premium lager made here in the Cotswolds just a stone’s throw away from the pub. And to snack on, order a plate of our skinny fries or ‘frite’. Be sure to smother them in mayo.

Well, that’s all for the first set of fixtures. We’ll follow this post up with an article for the next stage… hopefully.