The Maytime Weekender 17th August 2018

The Maytime Weekender 17th August 2018

It’s Friday, everyone! You have toiled hard all week and now is the time for your reward. It’s the 17th of August, a date which we feel truly cements the fact that we have entered late summer, and autumn is on the distant but approaching, horizon. In order to help you “make hay while the sun shines” here is our rundown of all the news and things going on this weekend at the pub and across the Cotswolds.

We’ve got a cool new video

Do you ever find yourself at work, staring bleary-eyed at the computer screen, thinking “Why aren’t I at the pub”? Well, now whenever this time calls you can watch our fancy new video to see what a good time you could be having. The video was made by our friends at So Glos and features small cameos from both Alfie and Dominic.

Matt Belmont

We’ve got something very special in store for you this Sunday. Between 3 pm and 5 pm, we have the amazingly talented Matt Belmont performing in the garden. Matt’s unique covers sets incorporate vocals and acoustic guitar with loop pedals and harmony generators to create an incredibly full and multi-layered sound. The Cotswolds is going back in time

Many people say that visiting the Cotswolds, with its quaint picturesque villages and old world charm, can feel a bit like going back in time. This Saturday, however, it pretty much is going back in time thanks to these two events. First, if you’re a fan of classic cars there is only one place to be, The Twekesbury Classic Vehicle Festival with 1000 classic cars, 200 motorbikes and 110 different trade stalls.

If cars aren’t your bag then check out Mrs D’s Vintage & Craft Fair, where there will be tones of stalls, ‘vintage ice cream’ and loads more. What makes these two events even better is that they are both raising money for charity.

A-level results

Finally, did your child do annoyingly well in their A-level results? Off to their first choice university in September, but until then you’re stuck with them sauntering around the house in an annoyingly smug manner? Put them in their place by absolutely thrashing them and their friends at the Maytime pub quiz on the 26th of August. Booking recommended.