The Ginformation: November 2018

The Ginformation: November 2018

Brrr, the cold is well and truly with us now. When the mercury takes a plunge it’s all too tempting to swap clear spirits for the seemingly more warming dark varieties such as whisky and brandy. However, at the Maytime Inn, we think no matter what the time, temperature or occasion there is always an appropriate gin.

So, just what have we been drinking lately, and why should you too? Here’s the November issue of The Ginformation.


Ramsbury Gin

Ramsbury Gin is an exceptional single estate spirit that comes all the way from Wiltshire. This classic London dry gin attempts to capture its local landscape by using juniper picked on Salisbury Plain and other botanicals are grown on the distiller’s estate, including quince. Plus, any of the leftover wheat and barley that are not used in gin production is eaten up by their lovely herd of cattle! A truly sustainable gin.


TOAD Physic Gin

One of the most exciting spirits to come from The Oxford Artisan Distillery (TOAD) this complex gin combines 25 specimens from the Oxford Botanical Garden and uses barley grains originally grown by medieval farmers. This is a truly delightful gin that has been made especially for Oxford University, it has plenty of hints of wormwood and exotic citrus, even some Szechuan pepper and opium poppy go into the mix! 

Silverback Mountain Strength Gin

This is a clean and refreshing gin hailing from Four Marks, Hampshire by the Gorilla Spirits Company. This small batch gin has a strong yet gentle nature, rather like the animal from which it takes its name. With a sweet and spicy palate with touches of juniper and lemongrass on the finish. FYI name of the still that produces it is called ‘Mugwaneza’ which means ‘She who is content’ in Kinyarwanda — a national language of Rwanda.


See you soon!