The Ginformation — May

The Ginformation — May

Well folks, the early May bank holiday has sadly drawn to a close. But let’s not be glum, let’s think back fondly to the good times we had. With temperatures soaring, many of us found ourselves in a hammock at home, sprawled out on the beach or in a beautiful beer garden.

And of course, when the mercury soars, our tastes change somewhat. Rather than an ale or a red wine, what we really want is something a little more refreshing… and there are few things better to quench your thirst on sweltering summer’s day than a crisp gin and tonic.

At the Maytime Inn we like to think we know a thing or two about gin. With over a hundred different types available at our bar, we think we’re pretty well equipped to help find the perfect one for you. But, just what have WE been drinking lately? Well, here’s our three favourites of the moment and why you really should pop in to sample them.

1. Inverroche Amber — Dominic’s Pick

Dominic, is a self-confessed South Africa lover when it comes to gins, and there’s no gin that better embodies the exciting flavours coming out of that gin producing region at the moment than Inverroche’s Amber Gin. It’s a rich and aromatic, amber coloured spirit with fresh citrus and delicate floral notes that produces a woody finish overall.

2. Isle of Harris Gin — Andy the Manager’s Pick

“Gin from the Isle of Harris! Surely you mean whisky?” you cry with lofty derision. Well, yes. While Isle of Harris Distilleries Ltd describe themselves first and foremost as a whisky producer, they also manufacture a rather phenomenal gin, using sugar kelp and eight other botanicals that are supposed to personify the island’s elemental nature in a glass.

3. Whitley Neil Handcrafted Dry Gin — For the SA Skeptics

If you were intrigued by Dominic’s choice, but are a bit of a stick in the mud when it comes to non-UK gin (get with the times!), then we can’t recommend highly enough Whitley Neil’s Handcrafted Dry Gin. It’s produced in the UK by a long line of distillers, but inspired by those same flavours synonymous with South Africa — juniper, citrus and exotic spices.

Of course, if none of these take your fancy then come see us at the bar. We will find the perfect gin for your palette. We hope to see you soon.