The Ginformation August 2018

The Ginformation August 2018

Hello and welcome to the August edition of the Ginformation, the place to look for top gin recommendations and advice from the Maytime Inn. With it being the middle of August we are well and truly in full British summer mode here at the Maytime Inn, so we thought we’d give you our top picks for pink gins, which with their sweet berry notes are the perfect thing to slurp down on sunny Sunday afternoons in either our garden or yours.


The gin that advertises itself as for the ‘young in spirit’s’ because it contains 100mg of pure collagen, which they say makes it “the alcoholic equivalent of a facial”. While we’re not entirely convinced it’s a fountain of youth in a glass. It is a deliciously smooth and velvety gin with subtle rose sweetness, making it far more than a gimmick — give it a go, you won’t be disappointed.


Martin Edgerton Gill, the former owner of the London Gin Company, created this gin inspired by his father who developed a love of pink gin during his years in the Royal Navy during World War II. With a vibrant colour, this delightful gin is loaded with citrus flavours and includes 15 botanical including some lesser seen ones such as damiana and Grains of Paradise. Best served with pomegranate and a glug of Fever Tree Tonic.


This sweet and incredibly moreish gin is the result of Stephen Marsh’s (of the Thames Distillery) home experiments in creating a gin, which he took too on finding out that beer and wine “no longer agreed with him”. This raspberry flavoured gin is sweet but a black pepper kick at the end stops it from becoming sickly. Serve with fresh raspberries and Fever Tree Light Tonic.

Happy sipping