Return the River Windrush to its former glory

Return the River Windrush to its former glory

While the national headlines are consumed by the ongoing Windrush scandal, here in the Cotswolds there’s also a secondary Windrush scandal going on — that refers to the eponymous river that runs nearby the pub.

The River Windrush is, and always has been, an intrinsic part of the identity of our little village. However, it is with great sadness we have to say that in last decade the river’s water quality has seen a sharp decline. While still a beautiful location to take a post-Sunday-lunch stroll it is no longer crystal clear and teeming with plants and wildlife.

But we are going to change this. A group of local champions have decided to take action to return the River Windrush to its former glory — a place for children to splash around, locals to enjoy a spot of fly fishing and of course for Oxfordshire’s ubiquitous wildlife to thrive.

WASP as they are called, need your help in order to do this. Check out their website here for more info about their work and to find out how you could get involved.