Maytime Weekender 31st of May 2019

Maytime Weekender 31st of May 2019

Hello and welcome to the very last Weekender of May 2019! We have so much planned at the pub for June, so let’s dive straight into it all.

Gin Day

With over 140 different varieties of gin available at the bar, World Gin Day is one of our absolute favourite days of the year. To help you celebrate World Gin Day on the 9th of June we are offering a 10% discount off our entire selection of gins.

Richard James

Described by Acoustic Magazine as “The next big thing” Richard James is a singer/songwriter from Devon who uses a stomp-box and loop pedal alongside vocal harmonizers to create a great sound, that combines soul, acoustic and pop stylings. Richard will be performing us from 3pm also on Sunday the 9th of June and is the perfect sound to unwind too after one of our legendary roasts.

Father’s Day

Don’t forget, Father’s Day is on the 16th of June. If you would like to treat your old man, then you will be happy to hear that we will be offering our usual ‘present a child’ deal. We will buy all fathers one pint of beer when they present a child (pint-sized or fully-grown adult! ) to the bar.

On in the Cotswolds: Guild Crafts Tetbury

If you’re looking to soak up some of the local culture, then be sure to check out the guild crafts exhibition at Tetbury Market House. There will be basket-weavers, potters, furniture makers and glass blowers displaying their wares. Each day, a different craftsman will be doing live demonstrations of their practice. Plus its only 35 minutes from the pub! June 1-9th. More info.