Maytime Weekender 11th of May

Maytime Weekender 11th of May

Wahay Friday is here again! The long (although it was actually only four days long) week is over and it is time to rejoice. And if there’s anywhere you should visit over the weekend we think it should be The Maytime. Here’s why…

Jessica Rhodes

Come and sample our new roast menu on Sunday between the hours of three and five and we’ll also treat you some live pop and soul! We have the sensational Jessica Rhodes booked in to perform for us. Despite only being 26 Jessica has already released a three track EP and performed before the likes of Justin Bieber and Maroon 5!


Our gin menu is ever growing. In fact, our inventory of gin is so vast that it can be difficult to decide what the perfect gin for you would be. However, if you’re wondering what we’ve been drinking lately here’s our top three recommendations to try and why.

Bobby Beer

When asked to think about a good quality lager, you probably don’t think the words “brewed in England”  and you are especially unlikely to think the words “brewed locally in the Cotswolds”. But that is exactly what we’ve got with Bobby Beer, a delightfully hoppy craft pilsner that we will soon be pouring on draught, so keep an eye out!

Have a great weekend!