40 wines by the glass: Why our wine never spoils

40 wines by the glass: Why our wine never spoils

As most of you will have heard, we are now offering the vast majority of the wines on our list (including the most premium ones) by the glass. While this is great news, some of you might be concerned that this means the quality of our wines will depreciate, as everyone knows wine starts to spoil the moment the cork comes out and it begins oxygenating.

Let us assure you that this is not the case with our offerings thanks to our investment in two nifty little gadgets, namely The Coravin and the Le Verre de Vin Wine Preservation System. These devices ensure that our wine by the glass is always at its best. Now, if you’re a bit of a wine geek please read on while we explain how these two fabulous gizmos work.

Le Verre De Vin

The two biggest factors that spoil wine are the build-up of acetaldehyde which is caused by the oxygenation of the ethanol and in the case of sparkling wines its loss of fizz which is caused by the escape of CO2. This system is exclusively designed for wine suppliers to prevent both of these things from happening, and we don’t mean by just sticking on a stopper!

With still wines, once a glass has been poured we can use Le Verre De Vin to extract the oxygen that has entered the bottle and then to create a vacuum seal which protects the wine from the elements. Preventing oxygenation of the wine.

In the case of sparkling wines, this system also introduces a precise amount of CO2 into the bottle, before resealing it. This creates an equilibrium of pressure within the wine which prevents it from losing any of the desired fizz.

The Coravin

If you thought Le Verre De Vin sounded futuristic then you will be really amazed by this little system. The Coravin allows us to extract wine from the bottle without needing to remove the cork at all.

The Coravin uses a non-boring needle to penetrate the cork, before injecting a tiny dose of the inert gas, argon to pressurise the bottle — this allows the wine to be extracted through the needle hole. Once we’ve poured you a glass of wine, we retract The Coravin’s needle, and as if by magic the wine bottle’s cork reseals itself, completely protecting the integrity of the bottle’s remaining contents.

So, there you have it. Perfect wine by the glass every time. If you’re intrigued by these amazing devices, why not pop into the pub and ask for a glass of wine at the bar to see them in action?