Ginformation: Three gins you have to try from The Cotswolds

Ginformation: Three gins you have to try from The Cotswolds

Hello there gin-lovers and welcome to the latest edition of the Maytime Ginformation, our monthly selection of gins that we think you should be drinking at the moment. As it is officially now the summer, and we think that the Cotswolds is just about the best place to be in the summertime, we thought we would do a rundown of our top three favourite Cotswoldian gins.

All of these gins are made within spitting distance of the pub and use all of the wonderful local produce this part the world is blessed with. So, here we go!

1. Cotswolds Distillery Gin

This local favourite is the purest example of the classic London Dry style of gin. Featuring locally-sourced Cotswold Lavender, bay leaf and black pepper, this gin is infused with naturally refined Cotswold water. Cotswold Distillery does not remove any essential oils from the mix meaning that this unique gin develops a beautiful pearlescent cloud when ice or tonic is added.

N.B. We will shortly be making this our house gin, and we are pleased to say we now have their Ginger and Baharat gins in stock.

2. OX44

Produced by the Chalgrove Artisan Distillery, which is just 28 miles from the pub. OX44 Gin won gold at 2019 London Spirits competition with its extremely smooth flavour. OX44 has flavours of pine, juniper and citrusy lemon on the palate with an elegant and balanced finish with just a note of heather at the end.

3. Cotswold Brewery Gin

What do brewers know about gin? Well, quite a lot if this stunning example is anything to go by! Along with all of the usual botanicals, you would expect to find in a gin Rick and Emma of the Cotswold Brewery endowed this spirit with ingredients that echoed the unique nature of the Cotswolds including hawthorn berries and lemon balm.

Happy Sipping!