Ginformation: May 2019

Hello and welcome to the May edition of the Maytime Ginformation. Our monthly guide to the three gins we think you should be drinking at the moment. With the temperature sitting comfortably in the high teens at the moment, we think the pub has taken on a distinctly Mediterranean feel. As such, we thought it only appropriate to recommend three gins that we advise are best served with Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic.

Martin Miller’s Gin

A premium gin made using 10 botanicals and blended with Icelandic water to endow it with an incredibly pure taste. This gin is made in traditional London Dry style but breaks from tradition in the fact that there are in fact two separate distillations involved in this gin’s creation: one for the juniper and other botanicals and another for citrus elements such as orange, lemon and lime peel.

This results in a uniquely fresh taste, best served with slices of cucumber and of course a glug of Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic.

Boodles London Dry Gin

The fact that this gin is named after the gentleman’s club frequented by James Bond author, Ian Fleming, might make you think it is suitable only for use in a Vesper Martini. However, it goes down deliciously well as a simple gin and tonic. Produced by Greenals Distillery, this light and herby gin is marvellously complemented by Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic and sprig of rosemary.


A fantastically vibrant gin hailing from Spain. Larios is rich and fruity with plenty botanicals including lemon, tangerine, grapefruit and orange blossom. Serve it with a large slice of orange and the obligatory Mediterranean Tonic.

Happy Sipping