Ginformation April 2019

Ginformation April 2019

Hello gin lovers, and welcome to the April edition of Ginformation. Our monthly rundown of our favourite gins of the moment, and why you will love them too.

Since we had such wonderful weather over the Easter Weekend, we thought we should theme this month’s article to talk about gins that are best accompanied by a sprig of mint. As the hotter weather makes our palettes crave those more refreshing and aromatic flavours.

Chilgrove Gin

A wonderful English gin, that controversially uses grapes for its spirit base. This results in a fruity undertone and a “fuller mouthfeel”. Containing 11 botanicals including such as wildcards as liquorice root and wild water mint, this gin has an almost “sweet shop quality” to it. Give it a try for yourself with a few mint leaves and some Fever Tree Elderflower Tonic.

No. 209

Oxymoronically described as a “contemporary classic” by its American manufacturers. No. 209 launched in 2005 at the very beginnings of the recent renaissance of the craft gin distilling scene. No. 209 has a delightful citrusy taste with a hint of spice. We think it is best served with few mint leaves and some Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic.

Geranium Gin

As April is considered one of the best times to plant geraniums, we could hardly not include this stunning gin. Created by the IWSC gin judge Henrick Hammer, Geranium Gin is manufactured using a scientific approach to distillation.

The geranium flavour in this spirit makes a wonderful, and unusual, partner to juniper, resulting in a floral, light and smooth flavour. Serve it with the obligatory sprigs of mint and a good glug of Fever Tree Original Tonic.

Happy sipping!