Bike & Pint

Bike & Pint

Now that the weather is firmly set in autumn mode we’re greeted with these crisp, bright mornings that if you can heave yourself from the warm bliss of bed, are perfect to go on a bike ride in. These days are dry and bright so you don’t need to worry about getting soaked, or worry about finding your way, nor so hot that you find yourself sweat-drenched and woozy.

And if taking in the beautiful scenery and the autumn colour isn’t enough to get you on your bike, we find that cycling is vastly improved when there’s the promise of a burger and a pint. That’s why we were excited to learn that Sustrans, the cycling charity, highlights us on its map of the Windrush Valley Cycle Route.

The route follows 17 miles Cotswolds countryside, intersected by historic market towns and villages. Either travelling from Witney to Northleach via Asthall and Burford or vice versa, but what we suggest you do is either start or finish at the pub. To help guide you on the way here’s the route according to Google Maps, we’ve handily highlighted the exact location of the pub. 

Happy pedalling!